Changing times: Digital Education Resources

Maddie Crabb

Digital resources have become a necessity for education, with most children in the UK now learning from home. With waning attention spans, frustrated children, and exasperated parents’ bite-sized educational videos can provide a much-needed pause in the busy schedules of both children and parents.

Wessex RT has taken the opportunity, whilst there has been a brief pause in our usual work schedule, to create digital resources aimed at primary aged children (or anyone who wants to know more about rivers!). We have created two miniseries showcasing what wildlife can be found in and around the rivers of Wessex. All our digital resources can be accessed freely via our new YouTube channel.

There is growing evidence that children respond well to bite-sized video clips as it allows for efficient processing and improved memory recall. All our videos are under five minutes long with many being less than two minutes to optimise content retention and overall enjoyment. Videos also appeal to a wide-ranging audience as they provide both a visual and auditory experience catering to multiple learning types. However, most importantly Wessex RT can showcase our wonderful Wessex rivers to the world through YouTube, accessible to millions of people.

If you want to know what creatures lurk in the deep below the surface of our rivers, or how to find them, check out our miniseries Beneath the Surface. Or if you want to investigate the skulls of animals found around rivers or take up a bit of geology go no further! Check out our miniseries in the making River Wildlife Investigators.