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Covid-19: Working Closely from a Distance

12th March 2021
Covid-19 has caused so much damage to our health, socail lives, mental health and livelihoods, but has any good come out of it? We explore how the pandemic has benefitted Wessex Rivers Trust ..


Fishing Sale 2021 Launch!

27th February 2021 
It is that time of year for you to make your bids on our exclusive offers, in our 2021 Fishing Auction. Read on for information on all the lots that are available in this year’s sale.


Summer Temperature of Our Rivers Revealed

14th February 2021 
River temperature is a key factor influencing the life below the surface in our rivers. Find out how Jon Bass, Volunteer Scientific Officer, analyses the results...


We restore habitats to increase biodiversity and enhance resilience


We help address wider water quality issues facing our catchments.

Education & Engagement

We engage with schools and communities to raise public awareness of chalk streams.

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We use science to make sound environmental decisions.

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