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Coarse Fish in Our Rivers

Whilst many of the rivers in our area are famed for their Brown trout, Grayling or Salmon, it is sometimes easy to forget the diversity of non-salmonid species that swim in our rivers, referred to as ‘coarse’ fish.


Flow-Resilient River Habitat

The River Test is world famous; considered the cradle of English fly fishing and epitomising the chalk stream experience. Just the mention of its name conjures images of gin-clear water, bright, clean gravel, lazily waving Water crowfoot and sturdy, speckled, almost-golden chalk stream Brown trout. 


Lets talk about the weather

We Brits love to talk about the weather, it’s just one of those things that define us as a nation. But how does it affect our fish? Read more to find out the facts...


We restore habitats to increase biodiversity and enhance resilience


We help address wider water quality issues facing our catchments.

Education & Engagement

We engage with schools and communities to raise public awareness of chalk streams.

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We use science to make sound environmental decisions.

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