Education & Engagement

Wessex Rivers Trust is passionate about educating the public about our beautiful chalk streams and rivers. Along with our school River Education Programmes, we run pop-up events throughout the Wessex region to teach people about their local river, and what wildlife lurks beneath the surface. We also attend larger events throughout the year to raise the profile of our rivers, and their value to wildlife & people.


School River Education

One of the aims of the Trust is to educate school children about the history, national importance and wildlife of our chalk streams and rivers. We offer low cost education programmes to schools and youth groups to match our aims and improve knowledge of our rivers throughout the Wessex area


Winchester College Rivers Project

Wessex Rivers Trust works in partnership with Winchester College and local primary schools on an environmental education project. The programme introduces pupils to the River Itchen, teaches them about their local chalk river systems and all the wonderful wildlife these rivers support.

Each school term, 100-200 pupils from Winchester-based primary schools benefit from the programme. Pupils are offered a preliminary lecture by the Winchester College teaching staff, followed by both laboratory and field visits to the River Itchen in the College grounds to collect and identify small fish and invertebrates from the river and introduce the youngster to the basic concepts of river hydrology.

To find out more about our education programmes please get in touch.


Digital Education Resources

Learn about our unique rivers from home or at school. Our two miniseries will teach you about incredible creatures "Beneath the Surface" and how to become a "River Wildlife Investigator"