Garden Riverbank Guide

Neil Swift

When you think of the land surrounding our chalk streams the most likely mental image that forms is beautiful open countryside. However, whilst this might be true for much of a river’s course, many miles of river run through towns and villages. For some fortunate homeowners, this means that their garden includes a section of riverbank.

Whilst even the largest garden might be small relative to the whole length of the river, cumulatively these garden riverbanks add up to many miles. Because the condition of the riverbank is key to the overall health of the river, making sure they are in a good state is extremely important.

For this reason, we have created our Looking After your Garden Riverbank Guide. In the guide we first examine why the riverbank is so important to the health of a chalk stream, and the important functions of the marginal fringe. We then go on to look at some of the common mistakes that homeowners make when managing their garden riverbank and how it can be improved for the benefit of both the river and owner.

You can download a copy of our Looking After your Garden Riverbank Guide here. If it gets you thinking about how you can improve the riverbank in your garden please get in touch, we are always happy to help, whether that be with advice or the full design and installation of measures to help improve your riverbank.