Office Closure

A message from
Martijn Antheunisse CEO

Following the global spread of the new coronavirus Covid-19 in the last few month and subsequent advice from the government, the Trust has taken several measures to contain the virus and safeguard staff, their families and the public.
The office in Stratford sub Castle will be closed until further notice. Furthermore, staff will not attend any meetings in person, but resort to videoconferencing instead.

We hope this situation won’t last long, but we are committed to do our bit to reduce the impact as much as we can. Where possible, we will continue to go out to survey and assess our chalk streams following the high waters this winter. But there will be plenty of time for report writing, finalizing proposals and further completing our new website – pay us a digital visit if you have not done so!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us on with any questions or concerns.