Rebranding the Trust

Martijn Antheunisse

You have found our new website, so you must have noticed that Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust has been renamed to Wessex Rivers Trust. If you look a bit closer, you can also see that we have updated our logo to reflect the development and growth of our organisation. Although it might not seem that big a deal, it has been quite an effort to get everything in place and earlier this year the change of name was approved by the Trustees of Wessex Rivers Trust.

What has changed?

A new name, a new logo and a new domain - - to focus on Healthy Rivers for Wildlife and People

In addition to this, we are also working on increasing visibility for our audiences: both online, especially on social media, as well as off-line. You can see us traveling around Wessex in branded vehicles on our way to monitor our rivers, deliver chalk stream habitat improvements and deliver river education sessions for schools. Not as much as we would like to, but we are committed to follow all relevant Covid-19 guidance and prevent any unnecessary journeys. We plan to step-up our direct engagement with the people of Wessex as soon as possible through the organisation of ‘Love Your River’ events, rolling out our river education sessions and offer Citizen Science monitoring programmes.

What will remain the same?

Our drive and commitment to protect and restore the chalk streams and rivers of Wessex has not changed. Our focus will still be on chalk streams; the new logo clearly depicts a chalk stream with flowering water crowfoot. However, we do not want the other rivers of Wessex – such as the streams in the New Forest – to be forgotten. They are as valuable and as important for wildlife and people!