River Reflections: What they mean to us...

Dave Rumble, CEO

We all love rivers but why are they so special to us? Wessex Rivers Trust staff reflect on why they adore our watery wonders of Wessex...

Why are rivers special to you?
They are always changing: through the day, through the seasons; always intriguing (what’s in there?) and full of life. Aesthetically a clear stream or river is a delight and always draws me towards it.

What do you like to do by a river?
I enjoy just strolling or sitting on a riverbank and watching nature do its thing. Accompanying my children when they were a bit younger as they paddled and rummaged for living things was always engrossing and great fun. I also derive great satisfaction from seeing the work done by the Trust team and seeing how quickly nature takes over.
Have rivers helped you in any way?
Rivers have taught me a great deal about the natural world and how the living and non-living elements fit together. There have been times when being by a river has given me relief from stress; as a youngster going river fishing was undoubtedly an important way of learning independence and how to behave responsibly outdoors.
Why do YOU think we should look after our rivers?
Because we depend on them and a myriad of species depend on them and if we do not leave our rivers in a better state we and future generations will be poorer.
Do you have a favourite river/stretch of river, and why?
Very difficult but I’ll nominate the lower Avon from times spent there fishing as a youngster; its diversity, with streams coming off both the New Forest and the chalk and entering a magnificent chalk river in its mature stage; and the place it has in the landscape.