Support Wessex Rivers Trust to look after our chalk streams

Martijn Antheunisse

What better way to celebrate a sunny late Spring day with a walk along a chalk stream with Ranunculus (water crowfoot) in bloom, dipping your rod in for the mayfly season or pick up your riverfly monitoring sites again? With the recently announced relaxations of the Covid-19 restrictions it is possible to do so– if in a sensible way and adhering to social distancing rules.

I am sure we will all value the natural beauty of our Wessex rivers even more since lockdown has deprived us from our personal escapes. We have all missed seeing the blue darts of the kingfisher flying by, hearing the quite ‘plops’ of the water voles scurrying away and avidly searching for the trout raising to the first mayflies.

The team at the Trust has been working hard from their home offices in recent months, developing projects to restore chalk streams and initialising activities to grow understanding and appreciation of our rivers. We are (also!) very keen to go out again and put those thoughts into practice. We have several exciting river restoration projects lined-up for delivery later this year.

To make sure we can continue with our work to look after the Wessex chalk streams and that what we do is fully rooted in the local community we are always looking for new supporters – and now more than ever! Please visit our Become a Supporter page and find out how you can help the work of the Wessex Rivers Trust. We are looking forward to welcome you as a supporter.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on with any questions.