Chalk Stream Restoration Techniques Guide

Neil Swift

When we work with landowners on chalk stream restoration projects, we understand that everyone has different levels of knowledge with regards to the techniques we use. Some will be embarking on their first river restoration project, whilst others will have significantly more experience. No matter their breadth of knowledge we always want to ensure that everyone involved has a full understanding of the work we are proposing. We always create detailed designs and talk through our plans thoroughly with landowners, but to aid this process we have produced the Example Chalk Stream Restoration Techniques Guide.

Our guide describes the key techniques that we use on many of our projects, and what we aim to accomplish when we use each one. We have included plenty of pictures too, so landowners can really envisage what the finished project will look like, both immediately after completion and years down the line. This is particularly important because much of our work is about putting the river in a position where natural processes can occur over time. For example, what starts life as brushwood staked into the margins soon becomes covered in lush green vegetation and looks just like riverbank.

We also hope that the guide serves as information and inspiration for anyone considering carrying out, or getting involved with, river restoration works. So please feel free to download a copy of the guide here.

If our techniques guide gets you thinking about what we could do on your stretch of river, please get do get in touch by emailing We are always happy to help, whether that be with simple advice or the full design and installation of measures to improve the health of your river.